microbiome analysis based on variable in Qiime2 to R intergration

Hi I have basically done general analysis of my microbiome data thanks to all the very helpful tutorials out there. I am looking at the gut microbiome of larvae. In my metadata, I have variables such as "biomass gain" and "survival rate" of the larvae (#q2 type: numerical data). I am wondering if there is a way for me to corelate the gut microbiome of the larvae with their biomass gain or survival rate. And if there is a way to pick out which bacteria is associated with both the variables. Is it possible to do such a thing with the Qiime2 output and R? if so, how can I go about doing it? Help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Good morning Shakthee,

This sounds a lot like the metadata variables outlined in the pd-mouse tutorial.

If you have groups (high biomass gain, low biomass gain), you could look for microbes associated with these groups using ANCOM, and look for changes over time with longitudinal-analysis, which are also discussed in the pd-mouse tutorial!

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@colinbrislawn Thank you so much for the suggestion! i will take a look at the tutorial :smiley:

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