Merging biom files from Nephele Using R

I have 9 biom files from Nephele that I want to merge in R, I installed the biomformat and called the library but I get the error at step 4 "merged_biom"

Error in merge_biom(biom_list) : could not find function "merge_biom"


  1. Create a list of the file paths to the BIOM files to be merged

file_paths <- c("TABLE1.biom", "TABLE2.biom", "TABLE3.biom", "TABLE4.biom", "TABLE5.biom", "TABLE6.biom", "TABLE7.biom", "TABLE8.biom", "TABLE9.biom")

  1. Load the BIOM files into a list of biom objects
    biom_list <- lapply(file_paths, read_biom)

  2. Merge the biom objects into a single biom object
    merged_biom <- merge_biom(biom_list)

  3. Write the merged BIOM file to disk
    write_biom(merged_biom, file = "merged.biom")