Merge feature-table list example?

Hi there! As of Qiime 2’s latest release, I am having difficulty getting “qiime feature-table merge” to accept my input. I feel a bit silly asking for assistance with this, but could someone give me an example of the “MULTIPLE ARTIFACT PATH” that I might supply to “–i-tables”?

Thanks, y’all!

Hi @zzc!

No worries! There is a brief mention of how the new merge command on the FMT Tutorial. Basically you just pass the same option (--i-tables) as many times as you have tables. That works for any option that says MULTIPLE <something>.

Check out this other post for another trick you can use if you are a bash-wizard (or want to become one) :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Ahhh!! Thanks so much.

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