Matching the feature ID to sample ID of metadata


I've been trying to solve a problem but haven't been successful so far.

I want to retrieve data by matching feature IDs to the sample number IDs used in the metadata (manifest) file.

As you can see in the pictures, each feature displays sequences. However, I'm unsure about how to match these sequences to their respective sample numbers.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to find the sample ID numbers from the feature IDs.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @SingeunOh
So just to confirm you want a list of samples that have that feature in it? Is that correct?

Yes, I want just list of samples matched the feature ID (or Seqeunce) in it.

Hi @SingeunOh,
Unfortunately there is not a way to do this in QIIME 2 but @buzic detailed how they were able to create this in this forum post:

I hope that helps! Sorry to not have more info!


Thank you dear. That was what I really wanted. It helped me a lot ^^

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