Manual re-determination of taxa


I have a few taxa in my taxonomy_barplots.qzv file that have been classified up to only domain level, some of those are important groups for me and I want to manually re- determine them with BLAST.
I do realise that I can Blast sequences in my rep-seq.qzv file, but how do I know which sequences to blast when I only see my taxonomic classification (and which ones I want to re-determine) in taxonomy_barplots.qzv?
I know that in my classified_rep_seps.qzv file I’m presented with my taxonomy and Feature ID, and that I’m able to look for those specific barcodes in my rep-seq.qzv file, but how can I find the matching sequences or Feature ID to my taxonomy legend in taxonomy_barplots.qzv?

hope this makes sense to someone, this was a bit tricky to explain! Maybe someone has experiece with this?

As always, thanks for any help!

Hi @Mandy,

It sounds like you want to merge your sequences and taxonomy so that you can search by taxonomy in the table, and select those sequences to manually BLAST. See this document to learn how to use qiime metadata tabulate for that purpose:

Good luck!

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