large ITS dataset

I have tested Qiime2 on a mock ITS dataset (;jsessionid=34ec77dbde5e1eff44a80c6f1c20?persistentId=doi%3A10.15454%2F8CVWRR&version=&q=&fileAccess=Public&fileTag="Data"&fileSortField=&fileSortOrder=). Subsequently, I applied Picrust2, and now I want to visualize the results using ggPicrust2. However, my mock data is not large enough to pass the statistical method LinDa. Therefore, I hope you can share some ITS fastq files and the associated metadata file with me. I also found this repository, but I am unsure how to download the fastq files: GitHub - caporaso-lab/mockrobiota: A public resource for microbiome bioinformatics benchmarking using artificially constructed (i.e., mock) communities.

Hello Fletcher,

On GitHub, it's probably easiest to download the full repo to get the fastq files you need:

Click Code > Download ZIP

Warning: PICTURSt2 is not magic and is limited what's in the database. But it's still worth a try!


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