ITS samples sequenced on a NovaSeq machine

Hello, I am looking to use this tool with my ITS samples sequenced on a NovaSeq machine. The Q scores are in a different format because of that. Does anyone know if I can proceed with this protocol as usual?
Thank you

edit for clarity - I had trouble using dada2 outside of the pipeline on my sequences because of the binned quality scores. Should I use deblur instead, or is there another known work-around?

Unsure of how to proceed. I've included images from my sequence visualization and dada2 denoise table summary visualization (with my data and the protocol as written in the original ITSxpress post with dada2). I am new to this type of experiment so any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

This should work, but I haven't tested it on binned scores. I do use bbtools at the beginning to verify that there are not issues with the sequences so it is possible it would flag your reads but I'm not sure. That was an issue with some very high scores coming from pacbio for a user.

Thank you for the speedy reply.
I went ahead and finished up the protocol as written and it seems to have worked correctly, no big errors came up along the way.
Your ITSxpress plugin was a huge lifesaver for me and my work!