iTOL compatibility


Simple question about QIIME rooted-tree.qza files compatibility with iTOL phylogenetic tree builder: how do you finally get the taxonomic labels instead of feature IDs in the tree? The Zip file method (including taxa-bar-plots.qzv and txonomy.qza) doesn’t work.
I work on Linux by the way.


You should use the FeatureData[Taxonomy] artifact, not the taxa bar plots visualization.

For example, this FeatureData[Taxonomy], and this Phylogeny[Rooted] (both from Moving Pictures Tutorial).

Also, I don't see directions on the itol site for the "zip method" anymore, instead, you simply open the tree, then "add" the taxonomy to it:

Here is a screenshot example using the artifact links above:

And, here is the link to that tree: iTOL: Error (note to future readers, this link will expire 30 days after being posted here).

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