Interpretation of Bray curtis box whisker plot

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be pleased to help me out for interpreting the Bray Curtis box whisker plot. Please elaborate the significance of the plot as well as the meaning of distance (n=66) as shown in the plot and how to calculate it. It will be of much help.


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Those box and whisker plots are the output of qiime diversity beta-group-significance, and this stat test on beta diversity distances are shown in the Moving Pictures Tutorial and the PD-Mouse Tutorial. These examples use unweighted Unifrac distances, but the way you interpret the box plots are the same.

If this was for a paper, how would you write up the results section for this PERMANOVA stat test?


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Can anyone explain or interpret what does this box whisker show? What does n=136, etc. represent here. It would be of much help. Thanks