Installing Qiime2 on AWS EC2


Most of my experience with 16s data has been from the stage of receiving the biome and tree files that someone else generated using QIIME2, and then utilizing R for analysis and visualization. I am wanting to become more capable regarding bioinformatics and process my raw reads from start to finish using QIIME2. My challenge has been that I am using a Macbook Pro and my institution does not have servers available. My understanding is that using AWS is likely the best solution to my issue. However, I am struggling to find good resources on how to set up and run QIIME2 using AWS from my laptop. The documents and tutorials I have found are several years old and not compatible anymore, I have attempted a few approaches without success. Does anyone know of current resources available for beginners?

Thank you and apologies if this is not the right place to be posting this question!

Hi @aabrams,

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We no longer provide AWS images of QIIME 2. If you are unable to install QIIME 2 locally on your Macbook Pro (which we do support!) you may want to try using Docker for running QIIME 2 on a virtual machine - we do still support this, and provide Docker images of each QIIME 2 release. You can read more about that here, if you're interested. Cheers :lizard: