Importing Unite 8.2 version (2020) from a single file

Hi Colin,
I have download the Unite 8.2 version (2020) from these 4 different releases and I get the same problem that Nicholas had. It is just one single file instead the fasta and txt file that is provided in the 8.0 (2019) version. Should I use the 8.0 version with Qiime-2020.8 or is there another way to proceed?
Thank you in advance!

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Hello Marisa,

When I downloaded Unite 8.2 2020-02-20 from this page, it initially showed me one file when I opened up the .gz file. Is this what you are seeing?

According to this post, that archive is actually a .tar.gz.

Once I renamed it, I was able to open it up and see the paired .fasta and .txt files inside.

Try renaming your file so it ends in .tar.gz and try extracting it again.

Let me know what you find!

P.S. Do we have any of the Unite devs on the forums? Maybe they can change their file names to avoid confusion.

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Thank you! It works!!

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