Importing Taxonomy Tables from dada2

Good afternoon,

I would love to see this as a community tutorial. Then we could point to your rock-solid example, without having folks track down all the pages you had to find.

While you could just copy/paste these commands, a little more legwork will make this tutorial much more useful for future users. Here's what is suggested:

So combining the strengths of your post with @Jaroslaw_Grzadziel's post is a perfect start. Adding a toy data set (or a small but real data set!) with an intro paragraph just to set the scene would make for a very good tutorial.

P.S. The canonical biom-format package should have an R package that just works. Installing github software in R requires lots of dependencies, so maybe while you build this tutorial, we can get that up and running.

PPS. Thanks.

PPPS. #openscience

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