Importing NCBI SRA sequences

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded some sequences from NCBI and I am having some troubles uploading them into qiime. The sequences are forward and reverse and look like this:

@SRR8243471.1 1 length=301
+SRR8243471.1 1 length=301
9CCCCGGGGGGEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGFF9CECF;,[email protected]+8,,;,,,,,<C,6CC,6,,9:@+:@+,:,,<6,+8+8+:,,,:,,,<,,:,9,<,<,9,,544,94?A=?,,,,,,,,,9,,99,,9,,,,,9,9A,,,9,,7,75A=+8,,,,76,[email protected],,37=,,,6,,,[email protected]+,,,,,,,63=2,,1,,7,,+,++5+++5+0+3+59,:+59++4=++3:*@CA66+4++0++*14+2)****00/4((-((31)))))9.69)+))).)))...,/1((-(-)((.).)((((
@SRR8243471.2 2 length=300

Would somebody help me to choose which --type I should use in my "qiime tools import" command?


Hi @Fra ,

Check out this new tutorial, it might save you a few steps:

Otherwise you can check out the importing tutorial at . The --type depends on various characteristics of the data, so you can check out that tutorial to see which type makes sense for your data.

Good luck!


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