Importing kraken-db

qiime moshpit classify-kraken2
--i-seqs megahit/megahit-contigs.qza
--i-kraken2-db /projects/microbiome/biological-reference-data/2023.06.05-k2-plus-pf-kraken-db.qza
--p-threads 40
--p-confidence 0.6
--output-dir kraken-k2pf-c60-contigs/

How can I change the PlusPF database file to qza format like "2023.06.05-k2-plus-pf-kraken-db.qza"?

Downloaded and unzipped
""qiime tools import --input-path db --output-path db/karen_db.qza --type Kraken2DB"" This command did not work.

Hello, I've already struggled with this one see here: error importing Bracken database - #3 by Micro_Biologist


Thank you. It's been resolved!

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