error importing Bracken database

Thank you! Bracken also has a c in it which I failed to notice despite reading their documentation yesterday when trying to figure out which files I needed :smiley:

Here is the full code for any future moshers!

#Download DB from:
wget -c

tar -xf k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009.tar.gz
mkdir -p k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2
cp k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009/*.k2d k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2/

conda activate qiime2-shotgun-2023.9

qiime tools import \
    --type 'Kraken2DB' \
    --input-path k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2 \
    --output-path k2_pluspf.qza
cp k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009/*.kmer_distrib k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2/
rm k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2/*.k2d
qiime tools import \
    --type 'BrackenDB' \
    --input-path k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2 \
    --output-path b_pluspf.qza

#tidy up
#rm -R k2_pluspfp_16gb_20231009_q2