Import Novaseq data

Good morning:
I just received the novoseq sequences and am a bit lost. The files they have sent me are two files with the formats raw_1.fastq.gz 【reads1 with barcode and primer】
raw_2.fastq.gz 【reads2 with barcode and primer】
The format of the file opened it was showed in the image.
What would be the best method to import this data?
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Sorry the reads are with barcode and primer removing

Hello @gaudy_93,

Did you have a chance to read through the importing docs?

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Yes, I read it but this format doesn't fit any of the ones you mention, that's why I was a bit stuck.

Hi @gaudy_93

If you look down the importing docs page that @colinvwood posted, there is a section called " Multiplexed paired-end FASTQ with barcodes in sequence" and I think that's the section you need.

After importing you can demultiplex with cutadapt. Have a look around the forum, for example see this post as a quick guide.