Idea for Qiime2 plugin or feature to provide citation information

I was just writing and thinking it’d be really cool if there was a Qiime2 plugin that told me all the commands I performed and which papers I need to cite, rather than typing in qiime dada2, etc to get the citation information. Perhaps provide a folder and somehow recursively find all the commands I used and which papers to cite. This might improve people citing other developers too. Just an idea for future development. :slight_smile:


This is something we’re hoping to use provenance for in the near future! Imagine providing a .qzv to and being able to see a list of all the citations you should use.

I realized we didn’t actually have an open issue, it’s just something we talk about a lot, so I’ve created an issue here!


Just a quick note, you can run qiime info --citations to get a list of citations for all installed plugins. That’ll be faster in some cases than running qiime <plugin-name> --help for each plugin you used.