I want to change my OTU id into gg_13_8 OTU ID

I got my feature-table using qiime2 with gg_13_8 database.In the feature-table the line of OTU id is like ff722dd07d0c077843dbfd89d3793bae,but in the gg_13_8 database the line of OTU ID is like 187144.What can i do to change this.I want my OTU id of feature-table match the gg_13_8 database.

Hi @sumujin1! How exactly did you produce the feature table in QIIME 2? For example, did you perform de novo, closed-reference, or open-reference OTU picking following the q2-vsearch OTU picking Community Tutorial, or did you use one of the denoising algorithms (i.e. DADA2 or Deblur)?

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