How to make OTU table with NCBI taxnonomic ID's

Hi everyone,
i’ve been through the moving picture tutorial, is it possible to create a OTU table in species - level relative abundance table with rows as NCBI taxonomic IDs and column as samples in tab or CSV format.

The output would look like this.

Can anyone help me with it?

Hi @Jagan_Nadhan , welcome to the forum!

It sounds like your question is about customizing a table outside of QIIME 2, so I have recategorized this topic to "general discussion".

From your question, it sounds like you might be looking for the "exporting" tutorial. See also the first part of this tutorial:

You will need to use biom-format (a separate software package, but which comes pre-installed together with QIIME 2) to generate such a text file. I recommend seeing the biom-format documentation if you run into any issues using that tool, or if you need more usage details.

Good luck!

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