how to make a directory to import FASTQ?

First, I do not understand the concept of setting a directory. Do we define the file path (location) in order for qiime to import it as we do not have the option of open file we use in regular computer?

Second. I type the following code to make directory but nothing happens. (base) a-PC:~ hebahussein$ which python


(base) a-PC:~ hebahussein$ mkdir qiime2-importing-tutorial

(base) a-PC:~ hebahussein$ cd qiime2-importing-tutorial

(base) a-PC:qiime2-importing-tutorial hebahussein$

Hi @HebaHussein-1981,

Yes! The directory (path) is like an address to where the file lives. All the programs on your computer that referece files use paths, they’re just hidden. So, if you go open a word document, you need to specify the file path. For example, it might be in /home/hebahussein/documents/doc1.docx, and that would be the path.

So, with regard to responsiveness, there are two ways to approach it. One is that after you do something you can check.

If, after this command you ran ls, you could see if the qiime2-importing-tutorial directory was there.

You cna use pwd here to check your path.

These are less QIIME issues, and more bash issues. I would really recommend spending time learning to use the command line. It will make the command line interface on QIIME easier to use, but it will also help with other analysis programs that only have CLI interfaces. Plus, it makes you look super cool.



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