How to keep feature ID and taxonomy in a feature table with QIIME2

Hi, I want to obtain a feature table contains both feature id and taxonomy information for phylogenetic analysis. It’s like the biom file generated by QIIME 1, in which the first column is the OTU id and the last column is the taxonomy. In this case, I could not only match the feature id on the phylogeny tree and feature table easily, but also keep the taxonomy information. However, I could only get feature table with either feature id or taxonomy. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks~

Hi @Xiu_Jia,

Have you seen this tutorial? Sounds like that's what you are after.

I hope that helps!

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Yes, I tried with that tutorial. But it didn’t work. I have no idea where is wrong.
Now I moved to R. It works.
df1 <- read.csv(“table-nontaxa.csv”, row.names=1, header=1, sep=";")
df2 <- read.csv(“taxonomy-silva.csv”, row.names=1, header=1, sep=";")
df <- merge(df1, df2, by=“row.names”) # merge by feature id

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