How to import paired end data from miseq?

Hello, everyone.

I'm struggling with data importing right now. I'm using qiime2.2024.2 version.

The data is obtained via miseq and the files are in the form of OO-forward.fastq.qz, OO-reverse.fastq.qz.
Barcode is expected to be exist in the files.

I'm not sure what type to use to import the data into the qiime2.
I tried Casava, EMP, SampleData, Multiplexed, and Multiplexed and they all give me an error.

When I used iseq before, it existed as a casava type of file name, but this time it's different...

So I tried to create a manifest file and put it in, but it doesn't work.... What should I do?

I'll also upload the manifest file.

I look forward to your response, thank you.

bioflor-manifest.tsv (10.2 KB)

Hi @ehdud0505,
I think this import guide should be exactly what you want.

Multiplexed paired-end FASTQ with barcodes in sequence

Note: you may have to rename your files!

Hi @cherman2,

The data was successfully imported thanks to your advice to rename the file. Thank you so much!

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