how to convert .xlsx to.qza

someone sent me a feature table and taxonomy data in excel, is there a way to convert them into .qza file? so, I can do further analyses in QIIME2. I won't be able to get raw sequences data.
Many thanks.

Yeah, that's possible.
Step 1. Convert an excel file to tsv. I do not like to do this with excel software since it is often cause some issues. For me it is easier just copy the table from excel to Google sheet and download it as tsv (tab separated values).
Step 2. Make sure that your table formated properly. Just export any taxonomy.qza file as an tsv table and take a look on the format of the table. Or search for it on this forum.
Step 3. Import it to Qiime2. In this thread you can find example commands and format.

thank you.
I use Qiime2 via Galaxy. Does Galaxy have 'qiime2 tools import'? I only found 'qiime2 tools export'.
I tried to use 'qiime2 tools import' to covert .tsv into .qza.
(I converted the excel file to tsv via google sheet)

And what type of error you got? Could you post it here?
I think q2galaxy should have full functionality of Qiime2.

I can't find 'qiime2 tools import' command in Galaxy. In the Galaxy, I only found 'qiime2 tools export'

Could you post it as a new topic? It is already deviating from the initial one and in such way your question will gain more attention from other members with more experience with galaxy implementation.

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As I suggested above, you shloud submit it as a new question (new topic) on the forum since it is already different from the initial one, and moderators with more expirience with galaxy implementation will be able to help you.
As an alternative, you can install qiime2 on a local machine and then import the data to Qiime2 and use it on galaxy server.

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