How can we describe Principal coordinates Analysis (PCoA) 3D plots generated with UniFrac Using Qiime2?

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I could not understand the terms as PC2 (4.8%) PC3(4.4%) and PC1(16%) and as an example I post a picture below. If some one explains about these percentages, I would be thankful.

for qiime

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Dear @Aqleem12,
The principal coordinates in a PCoA plot describe the amount of variation in the data explained by that axis. So in the plot you provided above, PC1 explains 16% of the variation in the input data.

The QIIME 2 site has a page on educational resources that are useful for topics of this nature. E.g., the guide to statistical analysis in microbial ecology linked there has an excellent page on PCoA interpretation that you can check out for more details on this method.

I hope that helps!


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