HOMD(Starts from position 9) vs eHOMD(Starts from position 28)

I want to train feature classifiers using HOMD and found there are two versions of RefSeq, does anyone know the meaning of position 9 and 28?

2019-08-23 eHOMD16S rRNA RefSeq Version 15.2 (Starts from position 28)
2019-08-23 HOMD 16S rRNA RefSeq Version 15.2 (Starts from position 9)

Hi @Dawud922,

I’m not entirely familiar with HOMD (although I’ve worked with it a little). My suspicion is that it refers to the starting nucleotide along the full 16s rRNA sequence since when you blast, you can get an absolute position. Unless you’re working in V1, my suspicion is that it doesn’t matter.

But, if you contact HOMD and verify, could you please post here?


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