Help with PERMANOVA interpretation

Hi friends, Im making an analysis of 6 location with 3 samples each one.
for beta diversity i got a Bray Curtis matrix and i made a PERMANOVA analysis, getting the qzv artifact.

In the table below, i got the statistic parameters

and then, the pairwise PERMANOVA RESULTS

as i got understood, if p-value (from first table) is equal to p-value for each sample (second table) the samples are different, right?

i belive im very lost in this :frowning:


In the first table, PERMANOVA is performed among all 6 groups. If p-value is significant, that's mean that this factor is significant. So you can go to the second table and check, which groups are significantly different from each other. p-value is a p-value and q-value is a p-value after adjustment for multiple comparisons. So, check if q-value is significant (< 0.05) for some pairs of groups.

If p-value from the 1 table is not significant, that's mean that factor is not significant. So I would not report pairwise comparisons.