Hello! I got a question (skin microbiome analysis).

I am now analyzing dermal (deep skin layer) microbiome of skin cancer tissue and normal tissue. When comparing the two, I think it is better to use a training set especially for skin microbiome taxonomy analysis.
My question is, are there any reference training sets for skin microbiome taxonomy analysis?
Thank you.

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Hi @Jee-Woong_Choi ,
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I think you are perhaps referring to our approach in this article and this tutorial.

Not pre-trained, as far as I am aware, but you can use that tutorial above to create your own reference sets.

We also have this resource of pre-existing species weights for different habitat types. There is not one for human skin, but there is for "animal surface" which would encompass skin samples from humans and non-human animals:

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Thank you so much!
This really helped!

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