Having a .csv file from a taxa barplot using view.qiime2.org

Hi to all!

I finished a taxonomy analysis with a study but my machine is under repair, I can only use my laptop. Which means my laptop can’t open a barplot through view.qiime2.org.

So, I want to get a .csv file which I can get from a taxa bar plot but I don’t know how to get it except getting after draw a bar plot using view.qiime2.org.

I also tried taxa collapse into level 2 but it only gave me a FeatureTable[Frequency] data.

I’d like to get a level-2 .csv file. Is there a brilliant way to get it? or Is there a way to get the data from the collapsed table??

Thank you!!

Hey @1115,

In this case you could unzip the .qzv file, inside the /data/ directory you’ll find a CSV file for each level (that’s all the “download as csv” button is really doing).

If you happen to have QIIME 2 on your laptop you could also use qiime tools extract instead of unzip. Worst case you could also rename the extension from .qzv to .zip if you don’t have software that’s recognizing it as a zip file by contents.


Hi, @ebolyen!!

Thank you for wonderfully helpful advice!!

I get the data :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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