Has anybody used Illustrator to color taxonomic bar plots?

Hello there,
I am starting to try to use Illustrator CC to open SVG graphic files exported from the qiime2 taxonomic bar plots, and I am not having an easy time. The colors get blurred and lost, and I can’t seem to get anywhere. Are there tricks to know? (I’ve noticed a tool(?) in Illustrator under Window:SVG Interactivity and another one under: Effect:SVG Filters:Import SVG Filter and Effect:SVG Filters:Apply SVG Filter.)
Any help is appreciated.
Gracias, m a r t i n


YahhooUUU, I just made a discovery today! By clicking on Illustrator CC:View:Preview on CPU corrected the colors disappearing, and got rid of the longer triangles that were appearing in some of the blocks!


I have been having a great day learning how to use Illustrator CC with the taxonomic bar plots, and I can happily say that you can pretty much do whatever you want with Illustrator CC!!!

A.) To change color of multiple segments at the same time across bars!
1.) Use “Direct Selection Tool” which lets you group objects without really grouping them physically, (because they are already grouped coming out of qiime2; later, you can ungroup them later so that you can regroup each bar separately, so that you could add a white separation between each bar, for example.)
2.) shift-select-click elements across bars, and then color them how you want. (At our lab, we would like to use shades of green, for example, to represent the different classes within the same “green” phylum!)

B.) To slant the lower labels of the bar plot, use again the “Direct Selection Tool”, and drag-select through the middle of the labels, and then right-mouse-click (or on Mac, tap 2 fingers), and choose “Transform Each…” for a certain angle!!! (So cool, because it rotates each label individually : )


I think under Illustrator, there is a recolor option that I used with good effect. Depends on your version, but I can show you:

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