Geneious a qiime2

Hi guys, has anyone worked at Geneious? In my lab we have installed the Geneious program to do quality control of our sequences as well as the assembly. However we want to do the phylogenetic analysis in Qiime2, but we have not been able to import the data because Qiime2 does not recognize it, I have exported the data in fortamo fasta and even tvs. Has anyone worked like this?

Hello @Cando,

Can you post a snapshot of the format of the data you're trying to import? Can you also post the commands you used to try to import your data and any error messages they returned?

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Hi Kevin, Citaly,

Geneious is commercial software that includes support. Given that you are paying Geneious for both their software and support, they should be able to help you export your data into standard formats. Qiime2 supports importing fastq data, which is the most common format for raw sequencing data:

Do you have amplicon data, like 16S or ITS, or shotgun genomics data? (Assembly is common for shotgun data but uncommon for amplicons.)

In case you have not found this already, a complete overview of the Qiime2 amplicon workflow is outlined here.

There is also the start-to-finish Qiime2 tutorials like PD-Mice mice.

Can you post the error you are getting when running Qiime2?