Feature volatility plot not showing in QIIME 2 View

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I am following the tutorial for the q2-longitudinal plugin, which seems to be working fine when I am trying to predict my time parameter with --p-state-column. But when I try to predict a treatment parameter (pH), the volatility plot is simply absent in QIIME 2 View. I've even tried rounding to reduce the number of pH values in case it had something to do with missing data, but the plot is still blank. The weird thing is that the other output artifacts (accuracy-results, feature-importance, filtered-table, and sample-estimator) all look normal to me. I've attached the input and output files (the one that isn't displaying is "volatilitiy_plot.qzv") and pasted my command below. I appreciate any guidance anyone might have!

filtered_noAug30_merged_LEAP2017_16S_metadata.tsv (30.1 KB)
rarefied_filtered_merged_LEAP2017_16S_manifest_dada2_table.qza (154.7 KB)

Output: feat-volatility-pH.measured.zip (1.3 MB)

I am using Singularity to run the latest QIIME2 docker image:

singularity exec -B $PWD:/qiime2 qiime2-2022.2.sif qiime longitudinal feature-volatility
--i-table /qiime2/$gene/$manifest"core_metrics"$depth/"rarefied_filtered_"$manifest"_dada2_table".qza
--m-metadata-file /qiime2/$gene/$metadata.tsv
--p-state-column pH.measured
--p-individual-id-column pond
--output-dir /qiime2/$gene/$manifest"core_metrics"$depth/feat-volatility-pH.measured

Hi @chahoos,

Thanks for your patience here! I examined this on my end, and I am seeing a blank volatility plot as well. I'm going to check in with some folks on what might be causing this in your pipeline, so hang tight! :lizard:

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Hi @chahoos,

This is most likely caused by a browser issue when dealing with a large dataset (i.e. high number of features) - you can confirm this by filtering out some features to produce a smaller dataset, and attempting to view that updated volatility plot in QIIME 2 View. Here is a forum post that discusses this issue in greater detail. Hope this helps!

Cheers :lizard:

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