Feature Table - "# of Samples Observed In" - Which samples and how often?

Hi all,

I cultured some organisms from the sample I investigated using Illumina sequencing.
I now sequenced the 16S rRNA V4 region of my isolates and identified which features correspond to the sequences that I obtained previously.
Now, I would like to find out about their abundance in my QIIME data. By looking at the feature table, I can see how many samples contain the sequence that I found in my isolated organisms. Is it possible to see which samples have these sequences?
Kind of like a taxa bar plot table with raw features rather than being collapsed by taxonomy?


You cannot make a barplot without collapsing on taxonomy (though you could export those data and generate a barplot in, e.g., R).

The QIIME 2 solution to this would be to create a heatmap.

I hope that helps!

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