Feature table export to BIOM

While running this code:
qiime tools export /DATA/scratch/psapkota/GH/dada2_table_16S.qza --output-dir /DATA/scratch/psapkota/GH/extracted-feature-table

I get this error " (1/1?) No such option: --output-dir"
Any help is appreciated!

Could you try with --output-path?

(1/2) Missing option '--input-path'.

(2/2) Got unexpected extra argument

I got these error

My code: qiime tools export /DATA/scratch/psapkota/GH/dada2_table_16S.qza --output-path /DATA/scratch/psapkota/GH/extracted-feature-table

Hello @Parikrama_Sapkota,

(1/2) Missing option '--input-path'.

Also use --input-path

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