Fail to train feature classifier from EzBiocloud database (unable to allocate 3.92 GiB for array with shape)

My analysis process proceeded with the attached screenshot.
The files were processed in order.
An error occurred while proceeding smoothly.

I'll also attach my computer specs.
I wonder if my current computer specs are not enough.
Or I wonder if I need to change the settings of the virtual box.

I applied my sample to the Moving pictures tutorial of qiime2. However, an error occurred.
An error occurred during the feature classifier process in the tutorial.
Attach the screen.
From what I understand, it is understood that the default memory is insufficient.
My memory information is also attached.
I checked and tried several articles on the forum, but failed.

I am trying to run a trained Silva classifier.
Greengene runs, but Silva throws an error like that.

My computer's RAM capacity is 8 Gib.
Is that error a problem with the amount of RAM in my computer?

Hello Lee,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

Yes, the ArrayMemoryError: Unable to allocation 3.97 GiB is because this computer does not have enough RAM. A computer with 16GB should be able to load this database.

The Silva larger than GreenGenes, so this makes.

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