Exporting taxonomy with level columns


I am using QIIME2/2023.7 version. I use the "qiime tools export " function to export my taxonomy.qza into a tsv. My question, is there a way to export the file with the column identifiers for each of the levels of taxa?

Currently what my table looks like: (Where I just have 1 column "taxon" with the entire taxonomic profile line for each id.)

Ideally what it would like: Where I have 7 columns for each level of taxonomy (kingdom->species)

Actually, I'm not sure if there is a specific function to command QIIME2 to do this. I ended up transforming this on R!

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Glad hat you figured it out :+1:.
You are right, there is no way to do it in Qiime2. I transform it with Python when needed.

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