Export R object with qiime2R?


(Justine) #1


Im wondering if there’s a way to export data that I’ve run in R back into QIIME 2? Ive been using phylofactor, but I’d like to do some visualisation with Gneiss. I know I can export the tree object, balances, and tree-object from R and then somehow reverse engineer loading them into QIIME. (Or I guess I can reverse engineer coercing them into python and then make my plots there.) …Anyway, I may be missing something, but suggestions would be helpful!


(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #2

No need to reverse engineer — just export the data from R, then Import in QIIME 2!

(Justine) #3


Im reverse engineering R, at least for me. But, fair enough. I’d still love to be able to pass my objects directly. So, pulling out and then reloading feels like a reverse engineering.

I ended up exporting and just loading.