Export R object with qiime2R?


Im wondering if there’s a way to export data that I’ve run in R back into QIIME 2? Ive been using phylofactor, but I’d like to do some visualisation with Gneiss. I know I can export the tree object, balances, and tree-object from R and then somehow reverse engineer loading them into QIIME. (Or I guess I can reverse engineer coercing them into python and then make my plots there.) …Anyway, I may be missing something, but suggestions would be helpful!


No need to reverse engineer — just export the data from R, then Import in QIIME 2!


Im reverse engineering R, at least for me. But, fair enough. I’d still love to be able to pass my objects directly. So, pulling out and then reloading feels like a reverse engineering.

I ended up exporting and just loading.


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