Export phyloseq tree to qiime2

I have a Phyloseq object and I am interested in exporting the Phyloseq tree to QIIME2. Since I created the Phyloseq object from WGS data, I wasn't able to take the sequences and construct a phylogenetic tree based on the sequences. Instead, I downloaded a common tree from NCBI in the PHYLIP format and merged it with the Phyloseq object.

I have followed the steps outlined in this post to convert all the files, and then I tried to convert the tree as suggested here. However, after ape::write.tree(tree, "data/qiime/rooted-tree.tree") this when I am trying to convert it to qua format with this qiime tools import --input-path rooted-tree.tre --output-path rooted-tree.qza --type 'Phylogeny[rooted]' I encountered an error stating "Semantic type Phylogeny[rooted] does not have a compatible directory format."

Does anyone know, what could be the issue?

Case matters here, the type should be Phylogeny[Rooted], note the capital R in Rooted.

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Hi again, thanks for your supporting, that solved the issue.

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