Error while running picrust

Hai I was running tutorial from GitHub for Picrust2 and received this error in the very first step. I am not able to understand the error. Please help me with this.
Error: (picrust2) [[email protected] chemerin_16S]$ -s ../seqs.fna -o out.tre -p 1 --intermediate intermediate/place_seqs
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/shared/software/conda/envs/picrust2/bin/", line 7, in
exec(compile(, file, 'exec'))
File "/gpfs20/shared/src/picrust2-2.5.0/scripts/", line 111, in
File "/gpfs20/shared/src/picrust2-2.5.0/scripts/", line 87, in main
File "/gpfs20/shared/src/picrust2-2.5.0/picrust2/", line 33, in place_seqs_pipeline
File "/gpfs20/shared/src/picrust2-2.5.0/picrust2/", line 463, in check_fasta_headers
fasta_in = open(filename, "r")
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../seqs.fna'

Here's the important part of the error:

It looks like the path of the input seqs.fna file is not quite right, and the script can't find that file. Double check the file paths and see if you can update the input file path so it can find that file.

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