Error while Importing Paired End Data

Hello friends

I have a problem when iam rying to import my paired end data, it say [errno 2] No such file or directory: './miniconda/pkgs/libgcc-7.2.0-h69d50b8_2/lib/'. Please help me to fix it.

Thank you

Hey there @Aditya_Ragil_Suharto!

Did you happen to install any other software packages in this VM? It looks like somehow your miniconda deployment or environment has become corrupt.

@thermokarst i am not install any package, just using the original QIIME2 image.

Do you have any solution for this?

The easiest would be to just install a new VM and delete this broken one. If your data is saved on the host OS this shouldn’t be much of a hassle, just download the latest 2018.11 VM, fire it up and re-mount your shared directories.

Okayy i will download the latest version. Thank you for the solution

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