Error in importing feature table in qiime

I am facing error during importing feature table into qiime.
I have biom format version 2.1.10 but problem in giving format version for importing.
Please kindly help me on this.
@timanix please help me if you know how to overcome this problem.
One more problem importing meta data for analysis is same as in moving tutorials?

after this error according to my biom format version i have changed it to 2110 but it doesn't works.

Thank you
Rishikesh Dash

How your biom file was created? Could you share with me a biom table and a source file, from which biom was created (if applicable).

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Thank you @timanix for your reply.
Actually i find the problem myself, biom format version was depend on the version of python used for creating a conda environment. I have used lower version of python and then installed biom-format package. then all probelm solved.


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