Error from feature-table summarize

Hi, I was running the comand “qiime feature-table summarize”, and I got this error:

"None of [Index([‘V1V2M03A’, ‘V1V2M13D’, ‘V1V2M15A’, ‘V1V2M12D’, ‘V1V2M08A’, ‘V1V2M02D’,\n ‘V1V2M01A’, ‘V1V2M04A’, ‘V1V2M05D’, ‘V1V2M02A’, ‘V1V2M11D’, ‘V1V2M14A’,\n ‘V1V2M15D’, ‘V1V2M09D’, ‘V1V2M01D’, ‘V1V2M07D’, ‘V1V2M14D’, ‘V1V2M10A’,\n ‘V1V2M04D’, ‘V1V2M13A’, ‘V1V2M05A’, ‘V1V2M07A’, ‘V1V2M06D’, ‘V1V2M09A’,\n ‘V1V2M03D’, ‘V1V2M11A’, ‘V1V2M06A’, ‘V1V2M12A’, ‘V1V2M10D’],\n dtype=‘object’)] are in the [index]"
Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-aflbegth.log

I’m working with the QIIME2 version 2017.11; I had imported my fastq.file to qiime2 using the steps for “Casava 1.8 single end demultiplexed”. I checked if all sampleIDs were identical in my file.gz, demux-single-end.qzv files and metadata (format tsv), and they were.
Also I wanted to open the “/tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-aflbegth.log” but it doesn’t exist! It seems just like qiime2 is not creating the log file… so I don’t understand the error…

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @SDA89! Sorry to hear that QIIME 2 is giving you a hard time!

Thanks for trying! Files in /tmp usually get automatically cleaned up by computers at some set interval - my guess is it was just bad timing. For future reference, if you run your command with --verbose, the same content that would be in the log file will show up in your error message!

As far as that gross Index Error above — at the end of the day your Sample IDs in your sequences don’t match your Sample IDs in your metadata file (it might not be all of them, though). The ID values need to be exactly the same, QIIME 2 performs exact matching when it comes to IDs. Can you provide a few examples of your Sample IDs from your metadata file (the Sample IDs in your error above are from your sequences, I think)? Thanks! :t_rex:

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Dear @thermokarst, thank you for your kind reply, I’m sorry I’m writing all the time in QIIME2 forum :frowning:

At the end the error was a “Space” in my metadata.tsv. I feel stupid!

I will try again to run the command with --verbose because when I run the qiime feature-table summarize I didn’t obtain the log file!

Thank you again for your patience!!

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