Error Downloading SVG (bars) of Taxa Bar Plots

Hi everyone,

I created taxa barplots on v. 2018.4 and have been uploading the taxa_barplot.qzv files onto the website to visualize. When I try to download the visual graph by clicking “SVG (bars)” I receive a download icon at the bottom of my screen that reads “download failed - network error”. This seems to be happening at random because downloading the file works at the 5th taxonomic level works, but fails at the 6th. I have tried closing the window and re-uploading the taxa_barplots data file. Is this a bug in the QIIME network?

No, this is most likely a browser issue, related to the size of the SVG that you are attempting to download (level 6 will make a much larger file than level 5).

See this thread or this one.

Trying a different browser (e.g., firefox instead of chrome) should do the trick.

Let us know if that helps!

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