Error: Barcode fastq file:input error. fastq format required

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to DNA sequencing and Qiime but I am working on a project using Qiime2 on the EDGE bioinformatics interface. I've ran this sequence before with no issues but now I get an error saying "Barcode Fastq File: Input error. FASTQ format required." Here are my parameters:

Amplicon Type: 16s V3-V4 (SILVA)
Reads Type: De-multiplexed Reads
Directory: MyUploads/
Metadata Mapping File: MyUploads/mapping_file_RWandPR.xlsx

Barcode Fastq File: MyUploads/manifest_file.xlsx
Quality offset: Phred+33
Quality Control Method: DADA2
Trim Forward: 230
Trim Reverse: 200
Sampling Depth: 10000

Error: Barcode Fastq File: Input error. FASTQ format required.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hello @ltunney,

It's hard to provide assistance in this situation because the tool you're using is running undisclosed qiime tools in the background. It's thus more difficult for us to trouble shoot because we have to make assumptions about how exactly those tools are being configured (or we have to read their documentation--if it's even open source).

Have you considered using qiime on it's own for your analyses?

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