Error assigning taxonomy with UNITE

Hello all,

I am trying to assign taxonomy using the UNITE database files and I am getting the following error:

There was a problem importing sh_taxonomy_qiime_ver8_99_02.02.2019.txt:

sh_taxonomy_qiime_ver8_99_02.02.2019.txt is not a(n) TSVTaxonomyFormat file

I tried using 97, 99, and developer.txt files. The FeatureData[Sequence] command works fine but not for taxonomy.

Here is my code:

Andres:thesis-data-2019 Andrew$ qiime tools import --type 'FeatureData[Taxonomy]' --input-path sh_taxonomy_qiime_ver8_99_02.02.2019.txt --output-path unite.taxonomy.qza

Should I try renaming the files?


Must not be the correct format ā€” most likely because it has no header so you need to use the HeaderlessTSVTaxonomy format.

See an example (and some other tricks to using the UNITE database for fungal classification) in this tutorial:

Good luck!

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