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Hi Yoshiki,

Thanks for your help. I will request an update for this browsers.

I tried to open http://view.qiime2.org/ on Internet Explorer and it says Incompatible Browser.

Thanks again!

(Ida Pantoja) #22

Hi Yoshiki,

We have the last version of Google Chrome installed in our computers. Do you think we are missing any of the privacy settings related to Emperor?


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Hi @idapantoja,

I don’t believe there are any privacy settings that need to be modified in order for Emperor to work. Are you seeing a different error in the newest version of Chrome, or still the same error as before? If you have the latest version of Google Chrome, are you able to see the rotating cube here: https://get.webgl.org ?

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Hi @yoshiki,

Same error. I am not able to see the rotating cube.


(Yoshiki Vázquez Baeza) #27

@idapantoja, that is very puzzling. Unless we are overlooking something, I think the problem might be that your graphics card does not support WebGL (the underlying technology powering Emperor). If this is the case then I don’t really have a workaround.

(Ida Pantoja) #28

@yoshiki, thanks for all your help! One last question: is there a way for you to enable Mozilla Firefox ESR for Qiime2 View? The IT guy here has a feeling that if you enable that then Firefox will work as well.

He said that Chrome is probably going to be a no go now as he found out it is a security setting and deals with WebGL.
Thanks a lot for your help and patience!

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #29

Unfortunately it is complicated — that version of Firefox (ESR 52) is missing the main functionality necessary for QIIME 2 View to work (namely, Service Workers). It does look like the latest ESR (60) does have service workers (I think).

Long story short — QIIME 2 View knows how to ask a browser if the browser supports all the things it needs — if QIIME 2 View complains that the browser is incompatible, then it really is in fact incompatible (this is opposed to something like a browser blacklist or whitelist — we don’t do that).

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Hi @thermokarst!

Thanks so much for the response. Maybe, this will not be an option but Emperor as a program can be used for Qiime2? I mean, any way to download Emperor instead of using QIIME2 View?

Thanks and best regards,
Ida Pantoja

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #31

You can run qiime tools view to load any QIIME 2 visualization locally on your computer.

(Ida Pantoja) #32

Hi @thermokarst,

QIIME2 is installed on a Linux server so we are unable to utilize the command you suggested to load the QIIME2 visualization locally. Is the program Emperor not able to be utilized with QIIME2 for the output of the QZV file? Is the program Emperor only compatible with QIIME?

Do you know if Firefox ESR version 68 would be compatible with the Qiime2 View website? We are on Firefox ESR version 60.4 which has service workers disabled. 3D API for Chrome is disabled due to security setting protocols. Trying to find a way to view the visualization data.

Thanks and best regards,
Ida Pantoja

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #33

Why not just view the results on another computer? I know that is less than ideal, but, it doesn’t sound like you really have any other options.

(Ida Pantoja) #34

Hi @thermokarst,

The work environment that I am in doesn’t allow the use of another computer that isn’t a Windows OS. We are unable to utilize personal machines due to security control measures. This applies to use at home as well.

Thanks and best regards,
Ida Pantoja

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #35

I do not know offhand. The easiest way to figure it out is to install and check to see if QIIME 2 View doesn’t complain.

Emperor is a stand-alone program, you can always run it on its own.

Can your IT team install the QIIME 2 VirtualBox image?

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