Emperor colors change with shape - possible bug?

Hi All,

I suppose this is the result of rendering shapes to 3D, but there are significant changes in color when using different shapes. The differences are not as significant in the SVG (there it's obvious that its the result of 3D).

See image (captured screen) - the entire group is split in two categories (sphere vs cube), that colored by 3 groups (blue/red/orange). seems like the hue is lighter in the cubes (so much so that orange became yellow).

Also - I'm sure you have higher priorities, but would be nice if shapes (spheres) would become 2D when disabling the 3rd axis.



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Thanks for reporting these problems @Gil_Sharon.

I am currently working on ways to improve both of the issues that you point out :man_factory_worker:, however I don’t have a good idea of when I might be able to fix this. For now, we have two issues in our tracker, one for the 2D glyphs, and another one for the color distortion.


@Gil_Sharon I am happy to let you know that we’ve pushed a fix for this problem in the development version of Emperor. This will likely make its way into QIIME2 by the end of the year. :smile:

This is the specific PR.


QIIME 2 2017.12 is now out, and it includes the latest release of Emperor, which includes this fix!