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While I was creating an animation using Emperor, I met two little problems:
1.I set some groups of samples unvisible, but these samples trajectory was still visible(pic attached below). Can I set these samples' trajectory unvisible in Emperor? I know I can filter the sample before plotting, I am just wondering if there is an easier way.

2. Can I annotate the samples' order in the Emperor plot like the pic below? Annotation would give better visualization, I think.

Thank you very much for your kindly help in advance~
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@yoshiki, in case this thread escaped your attention. Do you know how to hide the whole trajectories of some sample groups while showing the others? And does Emperor support the labeling of each dot using some variable in sample metadata? Any help is appreciated!

The easiest way to hide a trajectory is to set all the gradient values for that trajectory to 0. That way there’s nothing to animate and the trajectory is ignored altogether.

We are working on adding a way to do this from the UI but currently the only way to do this is by modifying the metadata values.

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