Editing qzv files using inkscape

Is there a tutorial for editing plots like the PCoA emperor plots using inkscape or other graphing editors?
thank you

Hi @nietof ,

I am recategorizing your topic as "other bioinformatics tools" because it is rather about external software. I will leave for others to answer.

You can download most visualizations from QZVs as SVG or PNG files that can be loaded in inkscape/illustrator/affinity designer etc. Beyond that I think the tutorials for editing plots will rather be specific to the editor.

Good luck!

I will look again into the tutorials for inkscape. I wasn't able to change the background color for the PCoA and add the labels. I was hoping someone who uses qiime2 had some insight.
Thank you

One option: you can change the background color in emperor before downloading.

Good luck!

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