Duplicate taxon names after merging biom tables

Hi all,

I am trying to combine two biom (and qza) tables together. The issue that is coming up is that there are several duplicate taxa rows. For instance, I get two rows with Ruminococcus torques. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? I inputted everything into Excel and the names are duplicates which means that there is not an invisible space or difference in capitalization. I have tried to convert the biom files into txt and then into qza files. I merged the qza files and I am still getting the same result–two rows with the same feature ID. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @SterlingWright2016!

Without specific commands run and outputs observed, it is hard to save. But, at first glance, this isn’t surprising to me at all, for one reason: multiple features can have the same taxonomic identification.

Duplicate feature IDs shouldn’t be possible - can you please share more specific information?