DPCoA analysis pop up error...

Thank you sir..

i analysed denoising and taxonomy and making tree with qiime2!!

and i want more simple PCoA plot so i used DPCoA in phyloseq( Rcode )

but there is something metter....


other data didn`t pop up this message...
only my data poped up error....
what is cause..?
can i use this data??

i know this is not qiime2 so it inappropriate qiime forum... but i don`t know where i question...


I found this post which might be helpful:

The warning message means that there is at least a Zero distance in your d distance matrix. This should be caused by at least two identical rows in your snp matrix (so the distance between them is equal to 0). In fact, the warning is given by the is.euclid() function and just is there to inform you that have two identical rows (and maybe you want to simplify them).

Are any of your samples identical? Do you have any duplicate samples (like negative controls with no taxa in them)?

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